Michael Cerbin Experience at FNF Beirut

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Michael Cerbin

Michael Cerbin

Intern FNF Beirut (July - August 2018)

Who are you? (Where do you come from and why did you look for an internship with FNF Beirut?

My name is Michael Cerbin and I come from a town outside Detroit in Michigan in the United States. I came and applied at FNF Lebanon to look for an internship here because I have always felt that freedom should be protected and I decided that over the summer, I should try my hardest to help promote freedom in this country where freedom needs to be protected.

What were the two most important/exciting/interesting things you worked on while being with FNF Beirut?

One of the most interesting things that I worked on during my time here was when I took a trip with Johannes into the Beqaa valley in Eastern Lebanon to talk to the Lebanese international University about some upcoming projects that we wanted to work with them. It was really, a fun experience and was something that I will remember for a long time into the future. Another really memorable experience was the first Monday Live that I participated in. I came up with the idea at a communications meeting, and was overjoyed on Monday, when I became the Co-host for the very first Monday Live. It was so much fun to help out with a project like that and I truly hope that FNF continues to use the idea far into the future.

What was different in Lebanon and Beirut and the office from what you expected before you came?

I expected the office to be like any other office, where everyone is required to be professional all the time. But when I came here, Garage664 was very creative and the people were very friendly. The office was so relaxing and a great place to be. I hope that I can come back someday!

Would you do this internship again? If so, what would you do different?

Of course! This internship helped me to learn many new things and I’ve made a lot of new friends in this office. If I could do this again, I would try to see more of Beirut. After work, I usually just relaxed at home, but if I could do this again, I would try to see more of the city and visit more interesting places here after work.

What could my future career look like?

I hope that my future career will be in the field of international diplomacy, or something along those lines. I would like to work for either an interesting organization similar to FNF, or for a larger organization like the United Nations or European Union.

Freedom means for me…

Freedom means for me that people get to say anything they want and to possess the freedom of speech. It means that people can have the ability to do whatever they want in their lives as long as it never hurts others.