Liberal Alphabet H Event: Humanity in times of populism

News07.02.2019Marielle Marktanner
Liberal Alphabet H

FNF Alumni and Minister of the Interior Raya Haffar Al Hassan joined us at Garage 664 for our event, Liberal Alphabet H “Humanity in times of populism: How international networks shape our state of mind” on February 7th, 2019.

As the event keynote speaker, H.E. Al Hassan spoke about the importance of international networks, global community, and the increased need for open society in contemporary times. In her speech, she reminisced on her times at the International House (I-House) New York and connected her experiences of lessons learned from cultural exchange to the increased need for liberal values today.

In her speech, she stressed that, "the world must come back to liberal economic policies and pursue policies that advocate cooperation, openness, race and gender equality as well as economic freedom. This is the only way forward to the benefit of all."

Liberal H

Also at the event, which was hosted in cooperation with the I-House NYC were Alice Lewthwaite and Dr. Sandra Edmonds, relatives of the original I-House founder, Harry Edmonds. Ms. Lewthwaite spoke of her great-grandfather and his desire to establish a world with more tolerance, respect, and understanding for people of different backgrounds and cultures.

The fishbowl discussion at the event was moderated by Mr. Ahmad Rachwani, President of the International Federation of Liberal Youth.

Pictures from the event may be found on our Facebook album here.