Journalism in Crisis

A Content Analysis of the Emerging Media Sector in Syria

FNF Lebanon and Syria and the Samir Kassir Center for Media and Cultural Freedom (SKeyes) proudly launch the comprehensive research study "Journalism in Crisis: A Content Analysis of the Emerging Media Sector in Syria” that sums up 6 months of research of over 12,000 media pieces in 17 major media platforms that emerged after the war in Syria. 


The conflict in Syria imposed major changes on the country’s media landscape, transforming it from a uniquely state-run industry into a public sphere occupied by young voices and conflicting viewpoints. The conflict gave rise to a diverse media environment that has, for the most part, been funded by foreign aid and international media development agencies. In response to the pressing need to study the quality of journalism in Syria to understand the dynamics that emerged throughout the war, FNF Lebanon and Syria partnered with Skeyes to produce a thorough content analysis that spans over the course of 6 months from January to June 2017 and analyzes the content of 17 different media outlets in Syria.

In a national conference in October 2017, FNF and SKeyes shared the preliminary findings of the study by gathering representatives from international media development agencies including International Media Support (IMS),  Deutsche Welle Akademie (DW), BBC Media Action, Free Press Unlimited, and CFI as well as Syrian journalists notanly from Al Joumhouriya, Enab Baladi, Souriatna, and the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression. Panelists discussed the current status quo of the media landscape and the future of this sector in Syria amid political and social pressure and gave recommendations to enhance the overall quality of the research. 

The final study now compares the international media development groups’ priorities with the Syrian media sector’s needs and demands, examines options to ensure its sustainability post-war, and identifies the factors encouraging as well as jeopardizing the Syrian media sector.

What is at the heart of the Syria story today? How has the war impacted the infrastructure of the Syrian media sector? What are the major donor priorities and how are they decided? What mechanisms did journalists in Syria take to adapt to the changing political environment and what is the future of this sector? 

Find out more about some of the major media outlets that were analyzed in this study by visiting the websites below.