Henrietta Dörries Experience at FNF Beirut

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Internship FNF Lebanon Experience
Henrietta Döries

Henrietta Dörries

Intern FNF Beirut (March - May 2018)

Who are you? (Where do you come from and why did you look for an internship with FNF Beirut?)

My name is Henrietta Dörries. I am completing my Master’s degree in Politics and Economics of the Middle East at Philipps University Marburg. Before, I did my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Communication Science at TU Dresden. I already did an internship at FNF Cairo in 2015, so I already knew how the foundation works in general. Since we haven’t had any events or practical work when I was in Cairo, I wanted to experience the actual work in a more modern and young office, as the Garage664 is.

What were the two most important/exciting/interesting things you worked on while being with FNF Beirut?

This is really hard to tell since there were many exciting and interesting things. I think the most important one, even if not exciting in a typical sense, would be Social Media. I had the opportunity to take over the main responsibility for our Social Media channels. I developed a new strategy, created my own content and could really see the results.
Another exciting event was a parliamentary simulation in cooperation with one of the big universities in Lebanon. The first session kicked off in the real Lebanese parliament which was an experience itself. Also the discussions developing over time were very interesting to follow. The last event I’d like to mention was panel discussion we organized last-minute with a German journalist who returned from his first-hand investigation in Syria and reported on his experiences which was really interesting to follow.

What was different in Lebanon and Beirut and the office from what you expected before you came?

Since I was working for FNF before and was following their work closely, I already had an idea about what to expect. Surprising about Beirut was the level of prices – I expected the rent and food prices to be a little lower even if I knew that Beirut’s price level is completely different from Cairo, for example.

Would you do this internship again? If so, what would you do different?

YES! I would definitely do the internship again, I wouldn’t want to miss the experiences and what I learned in these three months. I don’t really know what I would do different, I’m really happy how this internship turned out. I didn’t feel like an intern anymore when I had to leave – and this is probably the best a three-months-internship can get!

What could my future career look like?

I’m finishing my Master’s soon, so the career choice is due soon. I could imagine working with FNF in the future. I’m a political person, so I’d like to do a job in this field – to work with how politics translates to reality.

Freedom means for me…

… to live the life I want to live.