Beirut Innovation in Politics

beirut Innovation in Politics

The Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum (BIP Forum) is an annual multi-format forum for committed and creative change-makers, concentrated on innovative solutions for pressing political challenges in the MENA region. By gathering international expertise from organizations, projects, companies and individuals, BIP Forum is exposing and debating innovation in politics in its practical and theoretical aspects. We aim to identify inventive approaches and methodologies from various backgrounds, contributing to an understanding of democracy, freedom, and innovation from different perspectives in the MENA region. 


Our Mission

Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum’s objective is to build an annual platform for experts and the public alike, where courageous and innovative political approaches, projects and best-practices can be identified. The Forum uses different interactive formats. It is not a conventional conference. It is experimental journey meticulously designed to reflect the power of ideas through unconferencing methods enabling two-way interaction and communication between our audience and experts. By sharing and accumulating knowledge, we aim at creating an ongoing dialogue, that stimulates political creativity and develops innovative solutions for social and political problems. Our mission is to provide the platform to talk about the present and plan for the future of policy-making, democracy, communication, and governance.

Our Focus

Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum is driven by inspiration to make a process of change and development by using the great potential of digitalization, innovation and creative methodologies in education, economy, civil society and politics. We are using the power of seeing challenges and issues from different perspectives to add value to political processes and create opportunities.

Our Audience 

Beirut Innovation in Politics Forum is an interdisciplinary project on particular topics and issues, giving committed actors the chance to gather ideas for improved politics and it’s practical and theoretical aspects. We believe in the power of working together to maximize organizational and individual contribution. That is why our participants are experts on “thinking differently” and come from diverse backgrounds. You will find high-ranking personalities, such as ministers and academics, share their views next to dedicated creators from startups, combining competence from different fields and building a strong, diverse network.