Children at war: Reliving photos of east Aleppo

In 2012, Aleppo was afraid. Fighting had begun between pro-regime and opposition forces. The battlefield was unbalanced, with the regime and its military arsenal on one side and the light weapons of...

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Syria Untold

No frame fits us

A bag of fear A family fills a hospital, the floor the only gurney left to use. So many injured they become impossible to count. This is Douma on the second of February in 2015. It’s a Monday. But...

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Neue Regierung, Reformen, internationale Hilfen – wie geht es weiter im Libanon?

Die Explosion von Beirut ist knapp eine Woche her. Die Stadt und ihre Bewohner stehen nach den schrecklichen Ereignissen, die mehr als 170 Todesopfer und über 7000 Verletzte forderten, immer noch...

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SyriaInFocus: A Beginning

Future history books may write that the Syrian uprising and subsequent war were among  the most well-documented, visually, in modern history. And that Syrian photographers themselves were among the...

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Ayman Dandash

I graduated with a BA in Management Information System in 2013. I work as a Programs and Grassroots manager at the Lebanese transparency association-no corruption, national chapter of transparency...

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Ayman Dandash

Wahl in Syrien: Anschein von Normalität

Syrien hat ein neues Parlament gewählt. Nachdem die Wahl wegen der Corona- Pandemie bereits zweimal verschoben wurde, hatte sich das Regime in Damaskus schließlich zur Durchführung entschlossen -...

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KK Syria article

"Hack the Fake: Fighting Disinformation" Online Hackathon

FNF Lebanon and Syria has engaged this year in a fight against Disinformation and fake news with the launch of the FNF yearly global theme #FreedomFightsFake and has started navigating the different...

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Disinformation Hackthon

Syrien vor de Wahl - Risse im Machtgefüge

Syrien bereitet sich auf die Parlamentswahlen vor, die am 19. Juli stattfinden werden. Ein wesentliches Kriterium für die Bewertung der Wahl wird die Wahlbeteiligung sein. Sollte sie deutlich unter...

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Syrian elections

Aya Shamra

My name is Aya Chamra. I lived most of my life in Northern Lebanon, Tripoli, a city that holds a very a very dear place in my heart. I graduated from the Lebanese American University with a B.S. in...

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Aya Shamra

Dany Ghoussoub

I have enrolled in a law program in France (Jean Moulin University, Lyon 3) where I earned a doctorate in Public Law after a Master's in Public Administration (Lumiere University, Lyon 2). Meanwhile...

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Dany Ghoussoub 3