Andre Abi Awad

They call me the Energy Guy, because you will always hear me asking people "How is your Energy?" and get the loud answer "Boomba".I have been training since 2008 in 21 countries, empowering aspiring...

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Andre Abi Awad

Rima Malek

I am an associate professor of information and communication technology (ICT) for education in the Lebanese University (LU) and an elected member of the Municipal Council of Ajaltoun (MCA) since 2012...

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Rima Malek

Nawal Mdallaly

I am Nawal Mdallaly , Member of political Bureau and  Head of environment committee at future movement , holding a BS in Biology , Being a social activist in Bekaa,  I joined Future movement  in 2005...

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Nawal Mdallay

May Tabbal

My name is May Tabbal, I’m a Lebanese woman, principle of a public secondary school and the the General Coordinator of the Women Sector at Future Movement. Since my adolescent years, my love and...

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Rouba El Helou

I am a Lecturer of political communication and gender in the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. I am also a PhD candidate at the University of Erfurt in...

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MENA’s future in a climate of innovation explored in lively debate

Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) for Freedom in Lebanon and Syria held the latest debate from its popular Liberal Alphabet Series, which has now reached the letter ‘K’, on Tuesday June 25 at Garage...

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Liberal K

Eugene Sensenig

I am a professor for Gender, Communications, and Global Mobility Studies in the Faculty of Law and Political Science at Notre Dame University in Lebanon. After getting my MA in German Literature and...

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Liberal Alphabet J: Journalism vs. Fake News

On May 29th, 2019 the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Lebanon and Syria hosted the tenth event of the Liberal Alphabet series entitled, Liberal Alphabet J: Journalism vs. Fake News – A...

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Liberal J

Elio Constantine

My name is Elio Constantine, with a background in financial studies I work in auditing, accounting, taxation, and consultancy in our family run firm in Beirut. I love The Lebanon and I believe that...

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Game of Thrones- Middle East Chapter

Iran is not seeking war, nor the United States of America. Yet, the prospects of a new war in the Middle East were intensively discussed recently in the European diplomatic and strategic spheres. In...

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