The Team

Dirk Kunze

Dirk Kunze

Head of Office

I am the Head of the Beirut Office since 2016. I obtained my Master's Degree in Political Studies from the Freie Universität Berlin. After my studies, I worked for multiple years in the German Parliament, or the Bundestag, and conducted broader research about the tradition of the German parliament and a comparative study concerning international parliaments. Between 2009 to 2012, I was located in Brussels to liaise with the European Union. I worked for the Parliamentary Group of the Free Democratic Party (FDP). After that I went to Cairo where I reviewed current political developments in the MENA region and corresponded with liberal initiatives in Egypt. I arrived to Beirut after 4 years in Cairo, and arranged the framework for our new office and finally opened it in February 2017.

Freedom for me means having opportunities without being restricted by the state or by cultural background. With freedom comes responsibility and self-awareness. I firmly believe in this characterstic of the human nature.  

Tala Itani

Tala Itani

Project Manager

I have been working at FNF Lebanon and Syria as a Project Manager since 2013, my colleagues now refer to me as the “motivator”. I  have been active in the Civil Society Organizations for 12 years now. I entered the field of Political Science by coincidence, but I have to, it was one good coincidence!

I assure things are well orchestrated within our office and throughout the different phases of event planning. What motivates me for working with FNF is the partnership concept. The ability to enhance political performance through proper civic education, analytical thinking and constructive strategies through creative platforms. 

Freedom for me is rising up every morning knowing that there is nothing out there holding you back.

Lebanon is a mosaic piece. All the diversity we have is what makes us a beautiful country. All we miss is a bit of rule of law and we could be even better!

Poliana Geha

Poliana Geha

Project Manager

I joined FNF Lebanon and Syria as a Project Manager in July 2017. I hold a Master's Degree in Political Communicationsfrom the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration and Media and Communications from the American Univeristy of Beirut (AUB). My research and career interests include notions of media reform, participatory democracy, women's political particiation, social change and electoral behavior. 

Freedom, for me, is embracing who we really are as human beings and having the courage to think, speak and act the way we see fit. Living in a city like Beirut often makes it difficult to do that, but I joined FNF witha positive outlook and a belief that we, as citiizens, can build that courage together. 

Maysa bio

Maysa Sabra

Financial Administrator

I am the Financial Administrator at FNF Lebanon and Syria since February 2017. I have a wide ranging experience in this field due to my 8 year career path with non-governmental organizations in Lebanon. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Adminstration with an Emphasis in Finance. 

Freedom for me is having the ability and the willingness to live without restrictions. I believe it is better to die than to live in chains. In a world full of borders that limit our freedom, this value for me is more important than ever and my work with FNF reminds me of how significant this is on a daily basis.

Abir bio

Abir Al Halabi

Executive Assistant

I joined the team as the Executive Assistant in April 2017. I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management and a Master's Degree in Tourism Research from the Lebanese Univeristy (LU). I have worked previously in the development sector, the media sector and the publishing sector. My choice to join FNF was intended to maximise my experience in this field and to build on my previous knowledge and experience in administration and research work. 

As a young woman in Lebanon, I constantly feel restricted by social and cultural boundaries. Therefore freedom for me is having the capacity to lead my life the way I want to, with no chains holding me back. We were brought to life to live it to the fullest, and if it were not for freedom, that would not be possible. 

Nayla Bio

Nayla Bohsali

Finance Assistant

I joined FNF Lebanon and Syria as the Finance Assistant in November 2017. I graduated in August with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut. I am always looking for opportunities to boost my skills and enhance my knowledge, and I think FNF is the perfect start for my career path.

I believe that a person’s mind is the greatest asset he owns. There are infinite choices that we make every single day. Freedom is when you make your own choices without being limited by any social aspects. It is waking up every morning and wandering out into the day with no obligation or expectations.