Garage 664

Introducing #Garage664 Team

Every morning, our office’s black garage gate automatically pulls upward. With a loud rattle, it gives a open view into our working space: the Garage 664. 

Garage 664 is the open space that Friedrich Naumann Foundation offers for individuals and groups who are seeking innovation, creativity and exchange of ideas. This is the place where FREEDOM can be expressed in so many forms. 

Our blue and monumental F awaits newcomers at the entrance, just next to it is our conference room. Newly equipped with a black metallic industrial-design conference table, it is the place where strategic and creative decisions take place. Going back to the entrance, the red tubes on the ceiling lead you to our working isle which drops down from the ceiling and creates an enegretic contrast.This is the place where our projects come to life. The surface of the isle is made of smashed glass symbolizing braking theory into practice. 

The kitchen stands in the opposite to the workspace and is designed as an open space that offers food for both stomach and thought.  At the rear end of the big main room a door opens to the office of Dirk Kunze, the head of the office. From his desk, you can have an overview over the whole office until the main entrance. Outside of the office, a small tropical garden with palms and banana trees and a swimming pool invite everyone for a relaxation.