About us

Friedrich Naumann Foundation - Lebanon and Syria

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Beirut office is primarily focused on Lebanon and Syria. Regional and local turmoil makes the work of the foundation in these two countries challenging, forcing the Beirut office to constantly adapt to social and political changes. To contribute towards a peaceful and democratic transition in the Syrian society, FNF helps by offering conflict resolution workshops and educational trainings to Syrians and in particular to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. In Lebanon, our main objective is to support the Lebanese start-ups, civil society organisations and political parties. Start-ups are particuparly important for our work in Lebanon, because they state an expression of the liberal idea of the economy and competition.They consist of mainly young individuals with progressive ideas willing to take a risk in order to contribute towards a more advanced society. Their activities on the field of politics are often hard to realize due to financial shortcomings. We at FNF support these progressive ideas in their strive towards a more liberal society.

Our Principles 

The underlying question for the ideology of liberalism is, whether the restriction of an individual is justified or not. This principle goes through every single debate around every single case in liberal politics. From its earliest days, the liberal party of Germany, the FDP, was carried by citizens united under the defense of the individual from state abuse, paternalism and unnecessary restrictions. Whether in government or not, the FDP always served a healthy democratic balance by questioning state actions. Liberalism can be described by its theories on four main objectives: the freedom of politics (giving everyone the right for participation and encouraging free speech), the freedom of the economy (advocates a free economy with personal responsibilities and equal opportunities), the freedom of the individual (referring to marriage, a diverse lifestyle and the lifting of other social regulations) and its international openness (organizing governance internationally, such as the UN, EU, free trade agreements, rejection of state protectionism, etc...). With respect to those four aspects, true liberal politics support the independence of citizens and the stability of law.       

In the FDP is bringing those principles in the day-to-day political debates of Germany. The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is an active participant in the German political debates and education. With our work, we highlight the neccesity of liberal politics for the Lebanese society and pave the way towards it.